Electric Bear Fencing

The most effective electric bear fences in British Columbia.
Working with local habitat is an important key to effective bear fencing.

Electric Fence Pioneer's

Score Construction has been a pioneer in the electric bear fencing industry for over 30 years. In 1984 we started electric fencing landfills to prevent bears from causing problems with humans as well as harming themselves. We quickly found that if we could prevent these animals from entering the landfills and feeding on human garbage that they would learn that without access to this food source they would stay in the wild where they belong. This accomplishes a few things that are good;

  • no bear human interactions or conflicts,
  • no mess at the landfill sites from digging and disturbing the cells,
  • after time there are less bears in town areas,
  • far less bears needlessly destroyed at landfills,
  • healthier bear population as they are not eating all our junk and chemicals we throw out.

When we are involved in the early stages of planning these projects we can quite often offer solutions to problems that customers may have that will save time and money such as proper gate systems, power supply issues and fencline preparations. We can describe the safety and operations of these systems in detail to put at ease the concerns of someone getting “zapped” from accidentally touching the fence. All systems are CSA approved and are very safe, in fact the workers never need to touch or go near the fence if they wish not to.

We have installed our electric bear fence systems through out British Columbia, Alberta, North West Territories and even into Alaska. When you choose Score Construction to build your electric bear fence system you are choosing a company that can solve wildlife problems. We manufacture our own electrified bear fence gates ( both swing and rolling style gates). We can customize your existing chain link fence with special out rigged brackets that can save money by using existing infrastructure.

We manufacture the only true drive over electrified pipe bear guard which is awesome for high traffic areas such as man camps, well sites and leases or transfer stations. These guards are made of heavy wall pipe and sub-structure so they can handle the truck traffic. The advantage to these guards is that no one has to open or close the gate! It allows for 24hr protection from the perimeter fencing.

We pride ourselves on being organized and prepared when we arrive on site. We are capable of doing extremely remote projects without any unforeseen problems (we are great problem solvers if we need to be as well). Our fence trucks are modern, reliable and complete with any possible tool or part we may need to complete any job we take on. Our fence installation equipment is all track mounted to allow for remote access and we can operate in sometimes less than desirable conditions if necessary. Our crews have built fences in remote camps , and all hardworking trouble free easy to get along with, and have completed many company specific training programs with ease.


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