Farm Fencing

Fencing specialists who know the meaning of quality.
We build our own tools to make sure every job is done perfectly.

30+ years building farm fencing.

We got started in the industry almost 30 years ago building farm and ranch fencing as well as highway fencing. We still do this type of fence work today! We have literally installed 1000's of kms of farm and ranch style fencing.

We have a unique pieces of equipment that make us stand out from other companies, one of which allows us to quickly and accurately install posts in adverse conditions. It is called an impact driver, which we manufacture at our Revelstoke facility and they have been a huge success for us. The driver head couples onto a track skid steer in seconds and is capable of driving posts like no other machine we know of.

We damage less posts than traditional drivers, it is safer and the posts are more firmly set than traditional drop style hammers. We can quickly change attachments on this machine to allow us to clear a fence line and distribute posts or to stretch wire. This allows us to maximize the use of one machine which helps keep the cost of the fence down for the customer by not having to bring multiple machines to the job site.

Quite often we can haul the equipment to install the fence and the materials to construct the fence on the same truck/trailer which saves the customer the added trucking expenses. Along with this post driver we have several hydraulic wire dispensing tools that allow us to distribute the fencing wire very quickly at the optimum tension. We have customized vehicles that allow us to access narrow and sometimes rough fence lines.

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